We literally have an entire trilogy of movies that explain why that is a bad idea.

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My balls are pretty big. There’s a confidence that my sisters and I were raised with. After my dad died, my mom moved us from Queens back to the Dominican Republic. A very macho sort of place. But my mom raised us to know that we are equal to anyone. Whenever we went out, if we were meeting other people, my mom would always say, “I hope you like them.” Not “I hope they like you.” We were the most important.

Zoe Saldana for The Hollywood Reporter (August 2014)

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Reblog if your mom is beautiful.

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My sculptures are all constructed with recycled materials — old CDs, computer hard drives etc, so I classify my work as “sustainable art”. They’re a lot of fun to make, but they take an extremely long time to finish, so I don’t do a lot of them.

Animal Sculptures Made Of Shattered CDs by Sean Avery.

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Stop Chris Pratt before it’s too late 2k14

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The language spoken by Leeloo was invented by director Luc Besson and further refined by Milla Jovovich. By the end of filming they were able to have full conversations in this language.

The Fifth Element (1997)

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Real life: most common eye color is brown

Literature: eye color is anything but brown

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"I know I know… I’d DEFINITELY win American Ninja Warrior. Game to go on the show whenever they’ll have me."

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you just KNOW that with jim kirk’s first child, bones plans to spend hours and hours and hours with that baby saying “dammit, jim” over and over and over again to up the odds that those are baby’s first words

baby: d- da- d- daaa

jim: what is it? dada?

baby: da-

jim: omg pls say dada omg i can’t wait to tell spock

baby: daaaaaaaaaaaaa-

jim: c’mon sweetie, say “dada”

baby: dammit jim

jim: B|






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